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Basic skills to become a radio jockey

Basic skills to become a radio jockey
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Basic skills to become a radio jockey is the important article for the people who want to become a radio jockey. In addition it also helpful for the people who want to know what is the basic skills of a radio jockey. Radio Industry is booming a lot and many people have made their successful career in Radio. I have started my radio career from 2011 and journey was really awesome. I met new people, celebrities, made many fans, earn good money and most importantly, I was doing the thing which I love to do that is listening to music & talking with people. In short, you get to pay for talking with people and playing your favorite songs. Isn’t really cool?

How to become a Radio Jockey

Many people have asked me How to become a radio jockey & what are the Basic skills to become a radio jockey? & I always answer them that “anyone can become Radio jockey by learning few skills, practicing it and by implementing those skills in their daily life”. So let’s find out what are basic skills to become a radio jockey.

Required radio jockey basic skills

1) Good Voice: You need to have a good voice to become a radio jockey, why? because your voice will become your identity and as a result, you will make one image in the mind of your listeners. Every day thousands of people will listen to you & I am sure you don’t want to give them an unpleasant experience. So you must have a good voice to become a Radio Jockey. If you think that you don’t have a good voice so any need to worry about it, all you have to do is start some voice exercises on daily basis & I am sure within a month you will observe some changes in your voice.

2) Presence of mind: Apart from your good voice, you need to have the presence of mind, because sometimes you need to speak something off of your script. So you need to be very smart and creative while doing radio shows. Sometimes it happens, when we interview people and they start speaking about something else which is totally off from your script or questions, so at this time you need to use your presence of mind to handle such situation.

3) Good knowledge of GK and Current affairs: Being a radio jockey you need to be a very much updated with your surroundings, current affairs, and GK knowledge. This will basically help you to give some information to your listeners who all are relying on you for new updates and local news. This will also help you to make some interesting script for your radio shows

4) You should be expressive: Radio jockey has to be expressive with his emotions because emotions play a very big role to build a good fan following & you can easily connect with your listeners. If you feel like laughing so laugh, if you feel like crying so cry, just express it through your voice. You need to understand that your voice is the powerful tool and you have to use it smartly. It’s also useful for doing voice acting while speaking in radio

5)  Good command of language: Radio Jockey is the profession of speaking. Every day, every hour you just have to speak about some of the other things. To be a successful radio jockey you need to have a good command of your language & you should be perfect with the words. You need to make sure that whatever you speak it should be perfect and should not hurt anyone

6) Voice ModulationThis skill helps you to decorate your speaking style. Voice modulation will help you to give right expressions or emotions in word or sentences. It also helps you to maintain the flow of your speaking style and helps you to sound like professional. So, in conclusion, these are few skills which you need to develop to become a radio jockey. You can develop these skills anytime by learning radio jockey course & voice modulation. Hence you need to get training for radio jockey then only you will understand the core concepts of RJ

Above video is the radio jockey training session 1 on my youtube channel.  This video will help you to understand the basics of a radio jockey. You can also watch my Radio Jockey training playlist on my youtube channel “Jitsimplify Radio Jockey training playlist – 

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