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Difference between FM Radio and Online radio

Difference between FM Radio and Online radio
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Difference between FM Radio and Online radio

Today we will be talking about the difference between FM Radio and Online Radio. We will be discussing things like how these both radio station work & which is the best platform to start a career?

Now first let’s understand their functionality i.e. how do these radio stations work & broadcast their shows.

Here I will not go much in technical part but to make you guys understand FM Radio works on frequency & Online radio works on the internet. FM Radio has their own frequency, like Radio City 91.1 FM. 91.1 Fm is the frequency of Radio City. Likewise, each radio stations have their own frequencies wherein they broadcast their shows. The online radio station broadcast their shows on their website through their server and play online music. They queue all their shows and play time by time. So this is how both the radio station work and broadcast their shows.

Radio Jockey works in both the radio stations and presents the shows. However, in FM Radio, radio jockey goes to a radio station, sits in the radio studio, handle radio console and present the show. FM Radio shows are mostly live shows wherein RJ speaks with the people, play the songs and entertain his listeners. However, there are few shows which are pre-recorded and broadcast according to their time but mostly FM radio shows are live.

The online radio plays MP3 files which were pre-recorded by their RJ. They record their shows at their home or studio, add the songs, edit the whole file and send the final product i.e. MP3 file to the radio station. Maybe I am wrong but according to me, online radio station doesn’t do live shows. If they, so please let me know in the comment section, I would like to hear that. In short online radio is all about MP3 files which play accordingly through their servers.

So till now, we know the basic difference between FM Radio and Online Radio and how they broadcast their shows. Now let’s talk about career opportunity in both the radio stations & which platform will be good to start a career. I will try to cover all the main point which can help you to take your decision.

According to me, both the radio stations are good & you will learn many things. However, FM Radio is the best platform to learn all the professional skills which can help you to develop your self as RJ. I am not saying this because I have worked with FM Radio but there are multiple reasons behind this.

  1. FM Radio is the biggest platform then the online radio station
  2. You will be working with the experienced and big name of the radio industry
  3. You will be getting an opportunity to learn from your seniors wherein they mentor and teach you shows presentation skills
  4. Handling radio console which is the backbone of the radio show
  5. Opportunity to understand about queue sheet and all other admin related work
  6. If you are working in AIR and Vividh Bharti so you will also get an opportunity to write your own script and to select your songs
  7. You will be doing live shows wherein you will be interacting with your listeners and get fame
  8. You get paid for your job

On the other hand, Online Radio Station gives you the following opportunity.

  1. It gives you the freedom of making your own script and online music playlist i.e. songs for your show
  2. You can use your own studio to record & edit your show
  3. Worldwide listeners can hear you at the same time which is the biggest advantage of an online radio station
  4. RJ also get an opportunity to show images to the listeners on their website if they are talking about something, so visual connectivity is also there at the online radio station
  5. The biggest drawback of an online radio station is they don’t pay their RJ
  6. An online radio station may or may not do live shows

All the above pointers are the main factor which you can consider before applying for RJ. Both the platforms are good and you will learn many things from both the radio stations. However, you can opt for FM radio if you want to get real radio experience.

Online Radio Stations are the future of the radio industry as everything is coming online. Now people like to spend their more time online rather than sitting with their family. People started sharing their lives on facebook, twitter and on Instagram instead of family. So online is the big thing in today’s world.  Whatever people do they want some kind of fun or entertainment and if they get FM online which play online music, their life will be happier then ever. Fm online is a new trend and many online radio stations are coming day by day, I wish if they start paying their people for making shows.

Conclusion: There is a Difference between FM Radio and Online Radio but in my opinion, both the radio stations are good in their own field. As I said before if you want to get a real feel of radio industry so traditional FM radio is the best choice for you however you have to struggle a lot to get into such radio. If you want to start your career as RJ quickly and moreover you want to learn RJ professional skills so online radio is the best platform.

So these are few basic difference between FM Radio and Online Radio Station. Now the choice is yours, do let me know in the comment section which radio station you prefer and why?


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