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How to prepare & apply for Radio Jockey internship

how to apply for a radio jockey internship
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How to prepare & apply for Radio Jockey internship

How to apply for a radio jockey internship? Or how to prepare for a radio jockey internship? if you want to become a radio jockey you must be having all of these questions in your mind. An internship is the best way to learn about any profession because it not only help you to understand your job role but also helps you to earn money. Having internship experience will add more values to your resume and company may prefer to your candidature.

But the question is how to apply for a radio jockey internship & how to prepare for radio jockey internship?

You have to follow few steps to know how to apply for a radio jockey internship.

know about a radio station

Know about radio stationYou should know each and everything about that radio station where you applying for an internship. Read about that radio station and collect as much as information you can. Go to their website & read about their company, establishment, missions, and visions etc. Google it and read some more article or blogs about that radio stations. All these information will help you in the interview.

If somebody asked, what you know about our radio station? so you can easily answer him with the help of above info & interviewer will also get impressed that you are serious about your job and you read about their radio station.

Start Listening Radio

start listening radioYou should start listening to that radio station where you are applying for a job. Try to analyze the radio station and make a note of it. Should be aware of their shows, types of radio shows, Their radio jockey names, types of songs they play etc. Which radio jockey you like from their radio station and why? Which show you like and why etc.

So all these information will help you to crack the radio jockey job interview and you can easily get the radio jockey internship job.

Create your resume

Create a resume, even if you are a college student and have only worked part-time. You can also add your summer or volunteer jobs. Writing up a resume will help you look prepared and professional. Include your name, contact information and a list of previous positions you held, including the name of the employer, the length of employment and a brief description of your responsibilities. If you have any experience as radio jockey or if have done any internship so highlight these on your resume. Provide details about your education, including your area of study. You can know more about how to write a resume for radio jockey jobs by watching this video.

Start meeting people

Meeting with peopleYou have to meet people and professional on the daily basis to showcase your talent and to get the job. Walk-in to the radio station with your resume & demo CD and ask for a job or internship. Start getting connecting professionals on social media like LinkedIn and send them a friend request. Once they accepted your request simply tell them about your talent and skills and ask them if you can go for an interview. You can also share your voice sample if they ask for. The more you meet the people, chances of getting a job will be higher.

If you are connecting from your phone to confirm the date and timing of the meeting and go accordingly.

Put Your Best Shoes Forward

Dress for the interviewWhile a radio station environment may be casual, you should be anything but in the interview. Dress in well-fitting, conservative yet stylish clothing that says you understand the difference between an interview and an internship. If you are a guy so make sure you are in decent formals and shoes are polished. If you are a girl so you should be well dressed, your skirt or dress is should be only a couple of inches above your knee when sitting and refrain from wearing low-cut tops and super-high heels.

Speak clearly and definitively in a friendly voice and ask pertinent questions relating to the job: how many hours you’ll work in a week, what events you’ll be attending and in what ways you’ll get to use your savvy media skills. Don’t forget to mention that you like the station and send a prompt thank-you note to those who interviewed you.

Show What You Know

Radio broadcasting Just showcase your talent and skills to the interviewer once you are in the interview room. Let him know that you are the right candidate for their radio stations. Prepare at least 3 radio script before going for a radio interview and if he asks so you can use those script and present it. If they ask you to speak about a topic you are not comfortable with or not aware about, so simply tell them that you are not aware of that topic, however, you have prepared few script on another topic and ask the permission to present it.

You should always be relaxed and calm while giving an interview and ask few questions about the company, timing & your roles.

So these are my few tips on how to apply for a radio jockey internship and how to prepare for radio jockey internship. I am sure this blog must have given you an answer of how to apply for a radio jockey internship. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to write below and I will be reverting you back.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and must have got some information.

Thanks & Regards

RJ Jitesh


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  1. Sir, if someone has participated in any Radio Jockey contest & selected in that, then he/she could write this experience also in Resume?

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