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How to apply for a radio jockey jobs

how to apply for a radio jockey jobs
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How to apply for a radio presenter job

If you want to make your career as a Radio presenter, You must be looking for the answers of “How to apply for a radio jockey jobs or how to apply for radio presenter jobs?

Before we dig into the main content lets understand the basic requirement to become a radio jockey. Becuase this is something many people are not aware of.

Qualification to become a radio jockey:

Basic-qualification-to-become-a-radiojockeyThe first basic requirement to become a radio jockey is your education. You have to complete your graduation to become a radio jockey, at least in India. Just opt for any graduate course like B.Com, B.A, B.Sc, BBM or BMM to get your eligibility to apply for a job.

You may get much more opportunity in the media industry if you are completing your graduation in BMM ( Bachelor of Mass Media). It basically opens the door for many industries like print media, radio, TV etc. However, if your aim is to become a radio presenter so any graduation degree will help you.

Learn Radio Jockey (How to apply for a radio jockey jobs):

Radio-jockey-training-course-onlineLike other professions, we have to take training for this profession as well. It helps you to prepare yourself and to know where you are getting into. Many people tell me that I am good a good speaker, I have good a voice so can I become a radio jockey without learning it? Well, I would just answer this by asking one question “how will you make a delicious food without knowing the spices” you can’t right? Or maybe you can but that food will not be that testy as you generally have.

Likewise, you can apply for a Radio jockey without knowing about this professional but you will end up with nothing. So it’s better to learn the professional skills before applying for Radio jockey jobs.


You will learn different skills in the course such as

If you know all these skills prior to your audition, so you will do something better there & maybe you may walk out as a Radio jockey.

So if you are really serious about this career, I would suggest going for a professional radio jockey training course & prepare yourself. We also provide professional Radio jockey training to across the globe, so if you are interested click here – Radio jockey and presentation skills.

Now let’s understand the process of how to apply for a radio jockey jobs.

Resume for Radio Jockey:

Once you completed your graduation and course, next thing you have to do is start making your professional resume. A resume is not just a piece of paper, it’s an important document which helps you to get a job. Your resume tells a lot about your personality, your qualifications, your interest & hobbies etc. Its a showcase of your life on a paper. You win half of the battle if your resume is looking good and impressive,

You can add basic information like name, address, contact details, education details, work experience if any, your hobbies, etc. Putting just a bullet point will not help you, you have to give a more information about yourself. For example, if you have worked somewhere so instead of writing I have worked with Redfm as a Radio jockey”,  You have to give more detail information about your daily routine in the job. 

For more details, you can watch this video on resume writing to get more details on how to apply for a radio jockey jobs.

Start meeting people:

Meeting with peopleOnce you made your resume and collected the Demo CD from your institute, you have to start visiting radio stations. You can also visit different voice recording studios, dubbing studios, ad agencies, different TV channels etc to meet professional for a job. You can give them your resume and Demo CD (Your voice sample) so that they can call you whenever they have any suitable position.

Radio and voicing industry is very competitive so you have to be very patient. It may take serval months or years but if you are improving your self through daily practice, so one day you will achieve your dreams. Do practice every day and visit the radio station again and again.

Go for auditions:

Even if you are not prepared, I would suggest you go for an audition. You never know what destiny has planned for you. I was not prepared for my audition but I went & gave my best shot. After few weeks, I got a letter that I got selected as RJ.

Apply for the career page:

Start checking career page of the leading radio stations in your city, why? because they announce their current vacancies on their career page. If you see any opening for Radio jockey, just apply from their website. This is the simplest method to answer how to apply for a radio jockey jobs.

So, now you know how to apply for a radio jockey jobs. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this.

If you have anything to add on this topic so feel free to comment on the comment sections below.


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