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How to become a Radio jockey ?

How to become a radio jockey
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How to become a radio jockey, how to become an RJ or how to become a radio jockey presenter? Believe me; I hear this question almost 20 times a day from my followers and students. The radio industry is one of the finest industries to work with. It gives your fame and money and simultaneously you talk to people and play your favorites songs. We hear one beautiful voice, whenever we tune into radio station which directly enters into our heart & that’s why we all love radio jockey.

Now radio industry is booming a lot and people started thinking about radio jockey as a career. But most of the people are not really aware of how to start this. They don’t know what to do and how to do so that they can start their career as a Radio jockey. As I said Radio jockey is not just a profession, it’s an art which gives you happiness and satisfaction with good amount of money.

So, how to become a radio jockey? Well, you have to follow the following steps to become a radio jockey.

You should be graduate: “Education is the key to success” and this phrase very well go with every career. However, there is a specific requirement for educations for RJ but you need to be a graduate to apply for the radio jockey jobs. You can complete your graduate in any streams e.g. B.Com, B.A. or B.Sc etc. You just need to complete your graduation to qualify for radio jockey jobs. Many people ask me that if they can do radio jockey course after 12th (HSC) and can start their career into RJ? So my answer is no, you cant qualify for the job if you are undergraduate. So first finish your graduation and after that think about this career.

Get professional training: You need to take your second step once you complete your graduation. You have to undergo with radio jockey and voice modulation training to understand the technical aspect of this profession. You need to check the classes for the same and enroll your self for radio jockey and voice modulation courses. If you are looking for such training so you can check our courses Radio jockey and presentation skills & Voice modulation course.

Start meeting with people: Once you completed your radio jockey course, you need to start meeting with the people. You should go to a radio station with your updated resume and with your demo CD (Voice Sample) and apply for the radio jockey jobs. You have to be ready for the auditions and you need to keep practice every day. I have already written a blog on How to crack the radio jockey auditions so prepare yourself likewise.

Following is the example of a voice sample, you can make same as mine or you can record your one to two radio shows as voice sample (It should be recorded in the proper recording studio)

Listen to Radio on daily basis: Radio is not just a medium of entertainment, it can be a good teacher for all the people who want to make their career in the radio industry. So whenever you get time, simply tune into your favorite radio station and start listening to it. Why ?? Because you will learn a lot of things about that channel like types of radio shows etc.

Never Give up:  Media industry has huge competition with very less opportunity. It’s not easy to get everything you want. Don’t forget your dreams & always try to achieve it. It may take time BUT NEVER GIVE UP

So these are few steps you need to follow to start your career as a radio jockey. you can also read other basic skills to become a radio jockey as well from the blog post.

I hope these blog post must have helped you to understand how you should go about radio jockey career. If you like this post so plz share it and leave your comments below. You can also watch our


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