How to do a voice modulation

How to do a voice modulation
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How to do voice modulation

We feel really good if we see something beautiful and pleasant for our eyes & we never forget those things. Likewise, we never forget the person who has good communication skills and nice speaking style. We often think about his speaking style and wish that even we could speak like him. I am sure you must have come across with someone whose communication style impressed you. But have you ever thought that why few people can able to speak so good? What skills they use or what magic they have, which they use with their words and we all mesmerize from their talks.

Well, the answer is voice modulation. It’s not at all magic, trust me. They just use voice modulation in each of their words and sentences so that they can sound good and different.

So what is voice modulation?( How to do a voice modulation)

There is a different definition of voice modulation, but for me, voice modulation is the art of decorating your voice and speaking style. Its a combination of proper pitch, volume, expressions & pauses. You have to use proper pitch with proper volume. You need to have good expressions and you need to give proper pauses while speaking. This is the guru mantra which you can follow while speaking or communicating.

Now let’s understand all these elements one by one.

What is Pitch in speaking – Pitch is the range of a voice which is generated by the vocal cords which can be lower or higher. When air passes through your vocal cords, its gets vibrated and that vibration causes the different pitch. It means your pitch will be higher when your vocal cords vibration rate is higher and vice verse.

Volume –  Its a degree of loudness or the intensity of a voice.

Expressions – Give right expressions to the words or sentences which can justify them and it also helps the people to understand you more better.

Pauses – If you stopped the car in the wrong place, either someone will hit your car or traffic police will send you the receipt of a fine of wrong parking. Likewise, you have to be very particular about your pauses while speaking or communicating. Your one wrong pause can change the meaning of the whole sentence.

So these are few elements you can use while speaking or communicating with someone. If you use these elements at the right time and at the right place you will win the hearts of a million people.

So, now let’s move ahead and talk about few techniques which can help you to do voice modulation.

Let’s take one example here, I am taking one short sentence to explain the techniques. So our sentence is “Ramu is a very fast runner”.

Here you have to follow the following things to do a voice modulation.

  1. Read the sentence carefully
  2. Try to understand its meaning
  3. Understand the message from the sentence

Our example is telling us that there is one boy called Ramu & he is very fast in running. This sentence is a descriptive sentence which is describing the quality of one boy. Now you have to think that you are praising someone and talking about his qualities. You have to use those praising expressions while reading that sentence. You can try this sentence in a different expression like sad, joy, crying or even in anger, it’s up to you, however, proud or happy expressions will be good for this example. So we are done with the expressions.

Which all things we have to consider doing voice modulation in the sentence?

You have to consider your subject, your verb and any descriptive word which describing the specialty. Like in our example, Ramu is the fast runner so the very fast is the descriptive word which describing the specialty of a Ramu.

Once you identify your expressions and your considerable words in the sentence you have to do the following things. I am using the same example so that it will be easier for you to understand.

  1. You have marked all the considerable words in the sentence like your subject, verb and descriptive word. In my example, Ramu is my subject, the verb is runner & descriptive word is very fast 
  2. Now you have to speak one considered word with full of expressions and rest other will be a plan or without expressions. So it should be like Ramu is a very fast runner.
  3. Likewise, you have to go to the next word i.e. Ramu is a very fast runner. Here very fast will have expressions and rest words will not.
  4. Again you will move to final word i.e. Ramu is a very fast runner. The runner will be getting the expressions

So this how you have to practice each day to learn voice modulation. Understand the sentence meaning and its message, find out considerable words, mark them or bold them and practice it the way it has shown & whichever way you feel that your sentence is sounding good, just finalize that & practice it accordingly.  I am sure you will learn the voice modulation very easily and quickly.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, I hope these simple techniques will help you and improve your speaking styles.

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