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How to get a deeper voice

How to get a deeper voice
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How to get a deeper voice? Whether you want to become a radio jockey or a voice-over artist, talking with a deeper voice can be very useful. There are lucky people with god gifted deep voice but for people like us, we have to develop it. There are many articles & blogs which talks about many techniques on how to make your voice deeper & how to have a deeper voice. I have also seen few youtube videos about how to get a deeper voice & most of them have explained this topic very well. However, I have few simple tips to develop a deep voice very easily but the catch is you have to follow these tips & you have practiced it regularly.

Vocal warm-up exercises

We use the vocal cords & the inner muscles of the larynx (the muscles that control the closing of your cords) while speaking & I am sure you don’t want to hurt these guys. Vocal warm-up exercises are the best way to prepare your voice for your speech or singing so that you can play with different pitch and volume very easily.

Vocal warm-ups exercises are essential for effective speaking & singing. The benefits are minimizing the possibilities of straining your voice, stumbling over words, forgetting what was coming next, and succumbing to a fit of the nervous jitters. Vocal warm-ups help channel the natural pre-performance adrenalin rush positively. In short, these exercises prepare and center you.

So what exercises you have to do to warm up your vocal.

Vowels – Vocal warm-up exercises

Vocal warm up exercisesI know, we have learned the vowels in school but I haven’t thought that vowel can be the best exercise for vocal warm up. You must be surprised to know this but yes vowels are the best tool to warm up your vocal cords.

Use the out breath to sound each of the vowels in turn. Let each go without force, flowing smoothly from your relaxed throat.

For example:
‘A’ is going to become ahhhhhhh… as in ‘are’
‘E’ is Eeeeeeeeeeeee… as in ‘easy’
‘I’ is Iiiiiiii… as in ‘eye’
‘O’ is Ooooooo…as in ‘Oh’
‘U’ is Uuuuuuuu…as in ‘you’
Feel the shape of the sound in your mouth and enjoy its resonance.

Humming – Vocal warm-up exercises

Breathing exercises for voice improvementHumming is also one of the best and easy vocal exercises to warm up your vocal. The best part of this exercises is that you can do this anywhere. You just have to follow the given instructions.

1. Take a long deep breath

2. Close your lips after inhaling

3. Start creating “hum” sound till your breath allows you

Hum deeply from your throat, with your lips parted and your chin pointed down toward your chest. Humming is an excellent warm-up for musicians and singers, as well as anyone who wants to improve their speaking voice.


Vocal exercisesWho doesn’t know the power of “Om”. The sound of Om not only helps you to relax your mind and body but also it improves your voice quality. Creating the sound of OM is the best exercises to warm up your vocal cords & to get resonance in your voice. It helps you to improve your breathing style & to get a deep voice.

Often people don’t do this exercises correctly, so please follow the instruction to get the better results.

  1. Take a long deep breathing ( Your inhaling should be normal and relaxed)
  2. Once you have enough breathing, start exhaling and start creating “O” sound
  3. Start creating “Mmmm” sound when you feel that you have 50% breathing left in you

So there has to be a proper balance between “O” & “Mmmm” Sound. Your breathing has to be divided into both the sounds. Do this voice exercises on a daily basis and you will see the changes.

You can also watch the following video for the more details on vocal warm-up exercises.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are really important to improve your voice quality & to get voice projection. It also helps you to get a deep & rich voice so that your voice can stand in the crowd. The time you feel angry, stressed or anxious, pay attention to your breathing. Chances are when negative emotions run high, your breaths become short and shallow & because of this you will not able to speak loud and clear. Shallow breathing doesn’t allow you to take sufficient breathing as a result, your voice becomes thin and weak.

Breathing exercises are really important for the people who all are into speaking & singing profession. It improves your breathing capacity, as a result, you take a nice deep breath which helps you to achieve your optimum voice, creates resonance in your voice & you get a deeper voice.

So let’s see few breathing exercises to answer how to get a deeper voice

Diaphragmatic Breathing

How to get Deep voice100 out of 95% people breath from their chest, believe me, it’s as good as filling half of your motorcycle tank. It means you are not taking enough breathing to generate a good voice. When you breathe from your chest, air doesn’t reach your diaphragm and because of that, you speak in a shallow voice & your voice becomes thin and weak. So whenever you are breathing, take a long & deep breath. Your stomach should come out gently while inhaling. Your side stomach should also get enlarge at the time of inhaling.

Voice is nothing but the air and Diaphragm breathing allows you to take sufficient air in your body. As a result, you get enough air to project and to create vibrations in your voice. You feel deepness in your voice and most importantly you get confidence. So to get a deep voice you need to start taking deep breathing.

You can watch the following video to know more about breathing.

lip fluttering:  

A good, solid voice is a relaxed voice. Any kind of unnecessary tension only takes away from a voice, and actually, in the long run, can really harm a voice, and in fact, that is why a lot of the people end up losing their voice because they are having tension in their voice. Lip fluttering the one the best breathing exercise which releases the tension from your body & and let you come in the relax position.

So let’s see how we can do a lip fluttering breathing exercises:

Imagine you are swimming, and your head is submerged under the surface of the water. Now, when you blow air out of your lips, there will be a ‘brbrbrbr’ sound, and your lips will vibrate naturally and easily. Now try to repeat this motion out of the water, by letting your breath be released from your mouth, with your lips vibrating in a relaxed manner while you control the supply of air with your diaphragm muscles. One important point to note is that you should not be blowing air from your mouth by pursing your lips. Your lips should be relaxed and the air should be controlled with your diaphragm, with your lips vibrating freely as the air passes over your lips.

I hope you have cleared with this if not then you can simply watch this video to know more about lip fluttering exercise.

Alright, so these are few tips to get a deeper voice. I hope you will follow these tips and practice it on a daily basis. If you have any suggestions or you would like to add something, so I would love to hear that.

You can also watch my youtube channel Jitsimplify to watch more videos related to radio jockey, voice modulation and on voice training

Thanks & Regards

RJ Jitesh






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