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How to get resonance in your voice

How to get resonance in your voice
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How to get resonance in your voice? If you are into voicing industry or you if want to start your career by voicing so you should be aware of voice resonance. Voice resonance is really important for the people who are into speaking professions because it not only improve your voice but also help you to speak loud and clear. It also helps you to get a good voice quality with full of vibration.

I knew that radio and voicing industry prefer deep and heavy voices. So I started doing my research on how to get a deep voice, how to get a heavy voice & how to get resonance in your voice. I read few blogs & saw few youtube videos and this is how I came to know about voice resonance.

What is voice resonance?

There are different people who have defined voice resonance in a different way. However, for me, Voice resonance is amplifying your voice with the help of proper breathing, volume, and pitch. All these elements work together and create the sound which directly comes from your stomach or diaphragm and that sound creates vibration in your voice and that vibration is called as Voice Resonance.

How to get resonance in your voice?

Before we start with our topic, we have to understand one thing that it does not change your voice overnight. You have to keep working on your voice and you will start noticing some changes in a few months. So without any further due let’s understand how to get resonance in your voice.

Improve your breathing style: 

How to breath from a diaphragmBreathing is the key element to get resonance in your voice. If you are breathing properly then you can easily develop resonance in your voice.

Lets me simplify this in a very simple word. If you have a motorcycle, You to need to pour fuel in its tank so that it can run. Likewise, Air is our fuel, It’s not only important for us to be alive but also helps us to create our voice.

So while inhaling, you should get enough air in your stomach so that you can project your voice easily and can get resonance in your voice. But it should not mean that you start taking tensed breathing. Your inhale process should be smooth and there should not be any stress in this process. Don’t push your self while inhaling, otherwise, it may affect your voice and other sensitive muscles in your neck. You should be relaxed while inhaling and exhaling.

Breath from your diaphragm:

How to get Deep voiceOkay, so let’s understand that how to breathe correctly? so that your body can be filled with the fuel. To get resonance,  You should start breathing from your diaphragm, in simple words start breathing from your stomach. Once you start breathing from your stomach or diaphragm you will start noticing that your voice has become more clear & louder and you will feel the vibration & deepness in your voice.

100 out of 95% people breath from their chest, believe me, it’s as good as filling half of your motorcycle tank. It means you are not taking enough breathing to generate a good voice. When you breathe from your chest, air doesn’t reach your diaphragm and because of that, your voice comes our very low, thin and weak.

So whenever you are breathing, take a long & deep breath & your stomach should come out gently while inhaling. Your side stomach should also get enlarge while taking the breathing. As soon as you inhale enough air, simply exhale it and try to speak in between. You will surely feel sudden changes in your voice. But for a permanent result, you have to practice this on a daily basis.

You can also refer to this given video to see how to breathe correctly to get resonance in your voice.

Start doing voice & breathing exercises

Voice exercises in the best way to get resonance in your voice. All the voice exercises are generally very simple and really fun. You just have to follow few steps and you are ready to go. So let’s talk about few voice and breathing exercises.

Voice Relaxation Exercises: Voice exercises start with voice relaxation because tenses vocal cords create thin or a weak voice. It can create tension and irritation in your vocal cords and as a result, you speak in a weak and shallow voice. Your vocal cords & vocal muscles should be relaxed while speaking. If your body and vocal cords are relaxed, you feel changes in your voice and its quality. You will feel deepness and freshness in your voice & you can easily grab attains of the people around you. So you whenever you are starting speaking or starts voice practice, you have to start with voice relaxation exercises.  The following video will help to know more about voice relaxation exercises.

Voice Warm-up exercises: Voice warm exercises are the best way to prepare your voice for your main event. We use the vocal cords & the inner muscles of the larynx (the muscles that control the closing of your cords) while speaking & warm-up exercises will help these guys to be ready to go through with the different voice volume and pitches. You must have noticed irritation or stress in your voice when you suddenly start screaming. You may also felt sore when you suddenly start speaking loudly. So voice warm-up exercises protect your vocal cords and voice from these problems. You can watch the following video to know more about voice warm-up exercises and types of voice warm-up exercises.

So these are few tips which can help you to get resonance in your voice. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and learned about something new today. You can also read how to improve your voice & how to overcome weak & thin voice blogs to know more about voice improvement.

If you have any suggestions or if you want to add something related to this topic so plz free to comment below, I would love to hear that.

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Thanks & Regards

RJ Jitesh

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2 thoughts on “How to get resonance in your voice

  1. Hi RJ – Vocal Resonance happens when the vibrations of the voice bounce off of the bones in the head. When you place the vibrations on the hard palate they will sympathetically vibrate into the cheek bones, nose bones, forehead and teeth. Some people can get resonance into the bones of the chest. I am a Lessac Certified voice teacher. Arthur Lessac was a genius voice teacher who discovered how to train actors to resonate their voices fully. His method is taught in theater departments and schools in the US. HIs book is called The Use and Training of the Human Voice. Since you are teaching DJs to use their voices well, you may want to know about the Lessac Method. All the best to you and your clients! Voice training changes your life!

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