Voice training

How to improve your voice

How to improve your voice
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Voice trainingHow to improve your voice? is there any voice training for this? I am sure you also must have the same question in your mind that how we can improve our voice quality? how to sing better? Or how can I change my voice? I remember few of my youtube subscribers have asked me “Sir how does your voice is so sweet and is it possible that I can also have the same voice quality?

Before we move ahead with this article let me share few details about voice and how does it work. Voice is nothing but the air which comes from your stomach & passes through the vocal cords. Every person has his own unique vocal cords and because of that, everyone has a different voice quality. You can copy his voice by voice training but you can’t get the same voice quality because your vocal cords are totally different from him. However, you can improve your voice by following few steps regularly. So let’s talk about how to improve your voice.

Tips on how to improve your voice

Breath from your diaphragm: 

Using your diaphragm when you speak and sing is essential for actors and singers. Your diaphragm is in the area just underneath your sternum. By breathing into your diaphragm and using this breath when you sing your voice will have more power. Breathing into your diaphragm instead of into your chest will also reduce strain on your vocal cords.

Breathing from your diaphragmAs you inhale and exhale, try to inflate your stomach and kidney (back) areas with your breath. To ensure that you’re breathing into these areas, place your hands around your waist, with your thumbs on your back, your fingers at your front, and your palms resting on your sides down towards your hips. You should feel your hands expand and contract with each breath. Over time, as you strengthen your breath, these expansions and contractions will get bigger and longer. You can also place your hands on your abdomen as you breathe in. If your hands rise when you take a breath, then you are breathing into your abdomen

Start doing Vowels Practice: 

Vocal warm up exercisesThis is a quick trick that makes you sound better instantly. Say A-E-I-O-U (watch your jaw movement in the mirror). Did your jaw close on any of the vowels? Chances are your jaw closed on the E and the U – and most likely on others too, if not all of them.

Take your first two fingers and pull your jaw down 2 inches (or even better – use a plastic bottle cap or a cork (wine) to prop your jaw open). And speak the vowels again. And repeat again (we’re trying to re-program muscle memory – so the more the better). Now sing the vowels on one pitch. A-E-I-O-U. Your goal is to keep your jaw open (long not wide) without closing for all of your vowels. Repeat until you can do it.

Voice & breathing exercises for good voice: 

Breathing exercises for voice improvementThe best way to improve your voice is to start doing voice and breathing exercises. This will not only help you to improve your voice but also help you to get a vibration in your voice. There are different types of breathing and voice exercises which will help you to improve your breathing and voice quality.

Humming is the best and very flexible exercises to warm up your voice. It helps you to improve your breathing style & create resonance in your voice. Humming is also useful to overcome thin or a weak voice.

You can also check out given voice training videos for more voice and breathing exercises.

Change your lifestyles for a good voice: 

lifestyle for a good voiceYour body reacts the way you treat it. If you don’t eat healthily you get sick. Likewise, if you are eating anything without thinking about your voice, your voice will get sick. Voice is the precious gift from a god and you need to take care of it. So you have to think twice before having any oily & spicy food.

Your body has to be relaxed always to produce rich and deep voice so get enough sleep for yourself, don’t get tensed and over thing about anything. Your body postures are also important while speaking, so always stand on both the feet so that your voice projection will be loud & clear.

Drink water as much as you can because it will help you to keep your vocal cords moisture, as a result, you will not feel any strain while speaking.

Following videos will give you more understanding of having a good lifestyle for a good voice.

So these are the few tips you can follow to improve your voice. These tips are useful for singing and for speaking both. Just follow these tips and you will see the changes in your voice and you will feel that your voice has become deeper & has a resonance.

You can also check our youtube channel jitsimplify to watch radio jockey and voice modulation training videos.

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RJ Jitesh.


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