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Importance of relaxation in vocal process

Importance of relaxation in vocal process
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vocal relaxationImportance of relaxation in a vocal process is one of the important topics to talk about. Who doesn’t like to get relax and have a peaceful time in their life? Laying down on the bad or taking a sunbath on the beach, we just want to have a good time so that we can relax and enjoy our life. Not just a long holidays, but a few minutes of small power nap can also do wonders. I remember most of my friends used to take a power nap during their break so that they can feel fresh & energetic & surprising it used to work for them. They used to look very fresh and energetic after taking a small nap. So relaxation is really important to boost our body & energize it. Likewise, our voice also needs a relaxation so that it can sound fresh, rich and full of resonance.

voice relaxationNow you must be wondering that what is the relationship between relaxation and voice? how does relaxation can help our voice to work flawlessly? Well, here I would like to give one simple example so that you can relate your self. If you have observed, so our voice is always sound deeper when we weak up in the morning. Your voice is suddenly raspier than usual, and maybe it even sounds better to you than it did when you tucked yourself in the night before. There can be many scientific reasons for this but relaxation is the key factor this. That’s why generally voice artist performs voice relaxation & warm-up exercises before their performance.

What is the importance of relaxation

  1. Reduces Tension: We all know that tension is not good for our health likewise it’s not good for our voice. If you are tensed, you start taking shallow breathing and because of that you unable to produce your optimum voice. You start mumbling and unable to speak much. As a result, you sound very low and less confidence. Relaxation reduces tension and gives your voice a deep and richer texture
  2. Improve breathing: Breathing is the key element for the voice or in words voice is nothing but the air only which passes through our vocal cords & because of their vibration our voice gets created. If you relaxed you start taking long and relaxed breathing, which help you to produce the deep & rich voice. Breath must be taken in freely and released in a steady fashion, with the vocal folds properly adducted and stretched for the pitch, vowel, volume, and style.
  3. Help to project your voice: Relaxation is the best way to give rest to your vocal cord so that they can be ready for the main event. As I said in our second point relaxation improves your breathing techniques. As you breathe correctly, you have sufficient breathing to project your voice. You can speak loud and clear and can create the authority among people
  4. Improve voice quality: Often singer or vocal artist do voice relaxation & breathing exercises before their performance so that they don’t get tensed and shallow voice. Our vocal cords to vibrate flawless and creates rich and attractive voice

Importance of relaxation in the vocal process – Voice relaxation exercises

Okay, so we have learned about Importance of relaxation in vocal process voice relaxation. Now let’s get some more information on how to relax our vocal cords? There are many vocal exercises which can help you to relax your vocal cords however I am listing few voice relaxation exercises which are easy and effective and the best part is you can do these exercises anywhere.

Deep breathing:

Deep breathing is the best way to relax your mind, body & your vocal cords. It reduces tension and allows you to take rich and deep breathing. You will likely feel calmer after performing deep breathing exercises and may trade feelings of anger or fear for a focused, relaxed state of mind. Deep breathing helps our vocal cords to be relaxed and easy so that it can vibrate in its full potential & creates a sound which every like to hear.

Following is the video which helps you to learn more about deep breathing techniques.

Lip fluttering:  

A good, solid voice is a relaxed voice. Any kind of unnecessary tension only takes away from a voice, and actually, in the long run, can really harm a voice. In fact, that is why a lot of the people end up losing their voice because they are having tension in their voice. Lip fluttering the one the best breathing exercise which releases the tension from your body & and let you come in the relax position.

So let’s see how we can do a lip fluttering breathing exercises:

Imagine you are swimming, and your head is submerged under the surface of the water. Now, when you blow air out from your lips, there will be a ‘brbrbrbr’ sound, and your lips will vibrate naturally. Now try to repeat this motion out of the water, by letting your breath be released from your mouth, with your lips vibrating in a relaxed manner while you control the supply of air with your diaphragm muscles. One important point to note is that you should not be blowing air from your mouth by pursing your lips. Your lips should be relaxed and the air should be controlled with your diaphragm, with your lips vibrating freely as the air passes over your lips.

I hope you have cleared, if not then you can simply watch this video to know more about lip fluttering.

So, these are the few relaxation exercises which help you to relax your vocal cord and help you to get a deep voice. I hope this article would have helped you to know the Importance of relaxation in vocal process. If you have something to add so please comment below, I would love to hear that.

Thanks & Regards

RJ Jitesh


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