My journey as a radio jockey

Life of a Radio jockey
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My journey as a radio jockey – the life of a radio jockey

My journey started with the blunder, yes I do a lot of blunders in my life & this story also starts with the blunder, so here we go…

I was seating in the audition room and suddenly I heard one voice “We will get back to you”.

I came out of the audition room and took a bus to the railway station. My mind started thinking about my audition and I started laughing at myself that what I did today? It was lifetime opportunity and I missed that.

Of course, no one will select you if you are not following the audition rules and that day… I have broken two rules. 1st I came late and 2nd I haven’t completed my written test but somehow I was a bit satisfied with whatever I did inside the audition room. I looked at the roof and said “it’s up to you god”.

After 2 months…

I lost the hope of getting a call from that radio station. Honestly, I was very sad from inside. I have no choice but to accept it as my destiny and move on.

It was bright sunny day and I was preparing and getting ready for my interview. I took my beg move towards my door & suddenly my doorbell got ranged. I saw one postman standing outside my door with one letter.

“Yes?, how can I help you,” I said

Postman ” Jitesh, letter for you.

Letter for me? I asked the postman uncle and started wondering that who will write a letter to me, I don’t even have a girlfriend who can send me a beautiful love letter. Anyways back to story…

I took the letter from the postman and I went to my room. I saw that it’s from Govt of India, I was bit surprised & worried about it.

It was a difficult task but I opened it and saw that the letter is from the same radio station where I went for the audition. I thought, they might be informing me of my rejection but I still went ahead read the whole letter. Suddenly……. my worry turns into a big smile.

Yes, “This is to inform you that you have cleared the audition and therefore selected as Radio Jockey in our esteemed organization”. This was the line which made me crazy, happy and making me realize that finally, I have achieved something which I wanted to achieve in my life. Trust me that was the best day of my life. I was feeling top of the world that day.




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