My first day at the Radio Station

My first day at the radio station
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My First day at the Radio Station

Today I got up with the big smile on face. I was excited and ready to start my first day. Yes, the first day at the radio station. I got up from my bed & went in front of the mirror “Hey Mr. RJ, Welcome to the radio”, I said myself with the shining eyes.

I got ready and stepped out of my home to start my journey. My first step to live my dreams & honestly I can’t describe that feeling in the words. I was feeling top of the world, maybe it was the same feeling when your love accepts your proposal or more than that. I was looking the world in the very different way. My life will be going to change today. Nothing is impossible if you try hard and continuously improve yourself. My mind was full of positive thoughts and energy. The best part of that day was I was not getting irritating from the crowd on the train who literally push you to get inside the coach where there is no place to stand on a single foot. You can easily relate with this if you have traveled in Mumbai locals.

Finally, I reached and saw the main gate of that radio station. I stood up there and started watching the whole building. My struggling phase started coming into my mind like a Hindi movie. Those struggling phase has taught me a lot & because of that, I achieved my dreams. I went to the dream world speaking with the world in the studio and getting calls from the listeners and listeners to said me, Bhai mere 50 rupees to do….. O Bhai mere paise…. (Brother give me my Rs.50, brother my money). I suddenly realized that it was not the listeners it was ricksha wala who was asking the fair. I paid him money and entered from the gate.

Well,  As Indian, we give thanks to God before starting the work. So I did that same thing, I entered the radio station and touched the earth to get the blessing. I went inside the building & checked the letter to know which room I have to go. I went to one room and said” Hi, I am jitesh & I am joining here as RJ. Today is my first day at the radio station.” Can anyone tell me where is room no 204?

One big heavy voice caught my attention, Oh!! Jitesh, welcome on board. I turned back and saw one big shot RJ coming towards me. I was surprised and amazed to see him. Butterfly started flying in my stomach and my mouth remains open enough where flyers can play Khatro ke Khiladi by entering into my mouth and coming back. He came to the front of me and give a gesture of a handshake. I lifted my hand but my hand was shivering, however, I shook hands with him.

He said” you have to go straight and take left. Many new joinees are seating there. Your training will start soon so get ready & all the best. Good wishes from famous RJ made my day.

I entered the Room no 204 and sit at the last chair. I noticed that People were already started knowing each. They were sharing their past experiences with each other. One guy said he was doing a voiceover for many years, one lady was a TV anchor & one more was a news anchor, few were RJ from online radio stations and few were like me who doesn’t have anything to share but to watch other’s faces.


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Thanks & Regards,

RJ Jitesh

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