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Radio is the theatre of a mind

Radio is the theater of the mind
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Free music, news, and chat wherever you go! Until the Internet came along, nothing could rival the reach of radio—not even television. Radio came into existence in the late-19th century and slowly its gains popularity. Although radio broadcasting is not quite as popular as it once was, the basic idea of wireless communication remains hugely important in the last few years, radio has become the heart of new technologies such as wireless Internetcell phones (mobile phones), and RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. Meanwhile, radio itself has recently gained a new lease of life with the arrival of better-quality digital radio sets.

Radio is the theatre of the mind

You might think “radio” is a gadget you listen to, but it also means something else. Radio means sending energy to waves. In other words, it’s a method of transmitting electrical energy from one place to another without using any kind of direct, wired connection. That’s why it’s often called wireless. The equipment that sends out a radio wave is known as a transmitter; the radio wave sent by a transmitter whizzes through the air—maybe from one side of the world to the other—and completes its journey when it reaches the second piece of equipment called a receiver.

When you extend the antenna (aerial) on a radio receiver, it snatches some of the electromagnetic energy passing by. Tune the radio into a station and an electronic circuit inside the radio selects only the program you want from all those that are broadcasting.

The above explanation is bit technical but for the listeners, it might be the different case altogether. What comes to your mind when you think about Radio? Maybe your mind will have the following thoughts

  • Radio is the medium of entertainment 
  • It helps us to know about local news 
  • Radio gives us the opportunity to learn about new things 
  • We hear radio jockey and their beautiful voice 
  • Radio help us to talk to the celebrities 
  • Radio gives us the opportunity to win passes and tickets of movies and concerts   

But for radio jockey its totally different, Radio is the place where RJ speaks, play the songs and brings a smile to our face but how does he do that? How does he manage to do all the things at a time? How does he know what his listeners want? Don’t you think it’s something which is very unique?

Radio Industry follow one rule or I would say its a big mantra and that is “Radio is the theatre of the mind”. Now you guys must be wondering that what is the link between radio, theatre and with the mind? How do these three things linked to each other and how does it works?

Let me explain, sometimes when radio jockey speaks or describe something, we start visualizing the things. We start taking pictures in our mind by listening to him, we start getting connected with his words and feeling. So what is happening here? We actually started creating a visual in our mind; we start a mini theatre in our mind & imagine those things. So this is why radio is called as “Radio is the theatre of the mind” in the radio industry.

So radio jockey follows the same rules while speaking on the radio, he speaks in a such a way that his listeners should start thinking about it. They should start creating an image in their mind or they start visualizing the things. And with the help of this technique, he manages to engage with his listeners. So radio is not just a media of an entertainment but it’s a theatre of a mind for radio jockey.

With radio, “the listener imagines… and by imagining, participates.” And their imagination isn’t limited to visuals or images – but rather extends far beyond into feelings, emotions and all other senses. 

And all of these are important in radio broadcasts and advertising because they engage listeners, – your potential customers. we can get listeners to participate, catch their attention through the theatre of the mind,

So now you know that why Radio is the theatre of the mind.

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