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How to prepare for radio jockey jobs & for RJ auditions

how to prepare for radio jockey jobs
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How to prepare for Radio Jockey jobs & for radio jockey auditions? Anyone who wants to become a radio jockey has these questions. Radio is very niche industry and very few people are aware of its functionality. People want to be the part of this industry but they don’t know how to get into this. They want to start their career as Radio jockey but they don’t know how to prepare themselves. They start reading articles, blogs and watch YouTube videos but still, they don’t get much information.

Radio jockey auditions are always best & but it’s difficult to crack. They not only ask about yourself but also they may ask any questions related to movies, current affair etc. They can give you a real-life situation and ask you to deal with that. I have given two radio auditions in my life and fortunately, I got selected for both the auditions. You must be wondering that how did I creak both the auditions? Do I have any special skills or did I do some kind of magic?

Neither I have done any magic nor I have any special skills. I used few techniques which we often don’t consider while going for radio auditions. We only about think about our voice & how to speak in auditions but we really don’t think about our presentations and what to speak. There are other important factors which we need to consider while going to radio jockey auditions and to get radio jockey jobs.

So, I am sharing few tips which you can follow before going to any radio jockey auditions or radio jockey jobs. I hope you will enjoy this & will find helpful for you.

Tips to prepare the radio jockey audition & for radio jockey jobs

Start Listing Radio:

radioskills.inPeople often came for the auditions without knowing anything about that radio station & they end up with the rejection. So before going for any radio auditions start listening radio and try to know more about it. E.g. if my audition has scheduled with radio City 91.1 FM, so I have to start listening to 91.1 FM before one week from my audition. You have to know the following things about that radio before going for the auditions.

  • Radio station history
  • Types of radio shows and timing
  • Radio jockey names ( At least 3 )

Start watching & reading the news:

NewsThe news is the best way to update your self. You will get to know a lot of things about current affairs, General knowledge, latest Bollywood news, Political news etc. So whenever you get time, watch the news channels & read newspapers to know more about what’s happening around you. You have to be very much updated with Political, Bollywood & sports news before going to any radio jockey auditions or for radio jockey jobs.

Bollywood gossips:

 Though it comes under news update I wanted to be very specific about this. Radio is all about Bollywood news and gossips so update your self by watching & reading news & magazines to know more about Bollywood. You can also watch few TV channels who only talks about Bollywood and its news like ZOOM TV etc.

Knowledge of music:

knowledge of musicMany people think that they should have known about classical and western music to become a radio jockey but the good news is, no its nothing like that. All you have to know is the basic Bollywood music knowledge such as music directors, singers, lyrics writers etc.

You should know which song is sung by which singer, who is the music director, who has written the songs, who is the hero and heroine etc. You must be thinking that there are millions of songs so how can one remember everything? relax you just need to know few songs e.g few songs of Rafi Sahab, few songs of R.B. Burman etc.

General knowledge:

General knowledgeGeneral knowledge not only important for Radio jockey auditions but also its useful for many things. So keep updating your self with the general knowledge. Radio generally talks about its city so make sure that you should have enough knowledge about your city and state.

You should also keep knowledge about our country because of its all about representing the country and our culture. So its always good to read GK books and collect all the information about our country, sports etc.

So these are my few tips which you can follow before going for any radio auditions and I am sure if you prepared you wisely you will get selected. You can also read how to become a radio jockey to get few additional tips.

If you keen to know more about radio jockey and voice training so you can simply follow us on youtube channel jitsimplify wherein we make videos on radio jockey training and voice modulation.

I hope this article will surely help you to crack the auditions. If you find this blogs useful so kindly share your comments below, share your thoughts & experience about RJ auditions.

Thank You!!

RJ Jitesh.


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