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Tips to become a Radio Jockey

Tips to become a radio jockey
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Few Tips to become a radio jockey

Tips to become a radio jockey, I have made lots of video about radio jockey & written many useful blogs. However, I always get something new to share with you guys.

Recently, one of my youtube channel (Jitsimplify) subscriber has asked me “sir can you give me some tips to become a radio jockey which I can practice at home. This question made me realize that instead of telling people to join the big institute, why not give them a few tips, which they can follow and practice at home to become a radio jockey. So in this blog, I will be telling you all the tips which I used to follow when I was struggling for RJ.

You can use these tips whenever you are free and want to pass your time.

Write your thoughts:

Tips-to-become-a-radiojockeyOur mind never stops thinking, not even when we asleep. It keeps on thinking about some of the other things. Sometimes, we have wonderful thoughts in our mind and sometimes our thoughts don’t please us. So whatever your thoughts come in your mind, just start writing it and try to describe it as much as you can. Read your thoughts and make sure you enjoy reading it. This practice will help you to become a good scriptwriter, your thought process will improve and you can easily start making creative sentences for your radio shows.

Radio jockey has to write his own script if you are working with Govt FM like AIR ( All India Radio ) Or Vividh Bharti. So this practice will help you to improve your scriptwriting skills & you can make some interesting radio shows for yourself.

So my first tip is to start writing radio shows on a daily basis, at least one script a day. Choose any topic for yourself and start your thought process and start writing it. I am sure you will end up writing a good radio script for you.

Research about Music:

Tips-to-become-a-radiojockeyI am sure we all listen to the songs but have you ever tried to find some interesting story behind it? Have you ever thought to learn more about the music director or about lyricist? I don’t think so, but if you want to become a radio jockey, you have to think of doing this. Whenever I used to get time, I always used to find some interesting facts behind the songs. Believe me, sometimes I used to get very interesting stories about the song, its picturization and all. I used to use this information in my show & people used like it.

So now if you are listening to the song, start some research about it.

Start talking with mirror:


Well, Radio Jockey is all about your speaking style. Your fan following, your listeners, I mean everything totally depends on your speaking style. So you need to have to good confidence while speaking on a mic or in public place & for that, you can start talking with mirror.

Okay, I understand that it will look funny & Sometimes, it may become the reason for your embracement when someone sees you talking with mirror. However, this is the best technique to improve your confidence while speaking. This tips will help you to gain your confidence to face the mic or public at the real time.

So my 3rd tips to become a radio jockey is that whenever you are free to start talking with mirror. Simple

Start listening Radio:

to become a radio jockeyIf you are actually want to become a radio jockey and would like to learn more? I would highly recommend you listening to the radio on a daily basis. You have to listen to all types shows broadcasting on radio and try to understand their presentation styles, types of show, how is RJ speaking, how is he playing around with words, what all information he is giving about that song or about that movie etc. Trust me you will learn a lot from this tip.

So without wasting your time, start listening to the radio and try to understand all the thing which I have mentioned above.

Create your own style:

Tips-to-become-a-radio-jockeyMany times people start following their favorite RJ and they start copying them. Let me warn you, Once that style fits in your subconscious mind, it will be very difficult for you to come out from it. So always follow your favorite RJ but don’t copy them. Understand their techniques of speaking, doing voice modulation, their script content and how well they are describing their thoughts to their listeners. Once you start noticing all these things you will start making your own style, which will become your identity.

So my tips to become a radio jockey is DONT COPY ANYONE.

Alright, guys, these are my few tips to become a radio jockey, which you can easily follow at your home. If you find this tips useful so do let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Also, don’t forget to read how to apply for a radio jockey internship & Basic skills to become a radio jockey to know more about radio jockey career.

If you want to become a radio jockey so I would suggest you join the course and start learning. We also provide a course for radio jockey & voice modulation that you can check out on our courses tab.

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  1. Lovely read . Yes , even if we listen 1 song per day we end up listening 365 songs a year and writing 365 scripts a year .

    Thanks for sharing this meaning and valuable tips sir

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