Voice Modulation Course Online

Voice Modulation Course Online

This is certification course of a voice modulation wherein you will learn the techniques of modulating the voice. Our course not only benefit you to improve your voice but also help you to gain confidence in your communication skills. Our daily practice session will help you to understand each topic effectively so that you can learn faster.

Why should you do this course? & Who can do this course?

Communication is the key to success. If you are lacking in your communication skills so its bit difficult for you to get success in your professional life. If you do mumbling, if you cant project your voice, if you speak shallow and doesn't have the confidence to speak front of people so this course will help you to overall all these problems.

Anyone who wants to improve voice, diction, voice projection or people who want to become a voiceover artist, storyteller or public speaker. Other professionals like teachers, professors or trainer can do this course.

Does this course serve your needs?

Yes, as this course will include all the important topics which are necessary to improve your voice and voice quality. This course also has lot's of practice sessions which can help you to learn faster.

Is this course value for money?

Yes, our aim is to provide good quality teaching at very low cost. Our course covers a good topic and practical sessions and many students get benefited from this. So why to spean 10 to 20 thousand rupees? when you can get the quality teaching at a very affordable cost.

Following are the details of Voice Modulation course

1) Basics & Introduction of voice modulation
2) Pitch,Volume & Tone
3) Pronunciation and diction
4) Types of Voice Modulation
5) How to mark voice modulation
6) Important of expression in voice
7) Story Telling
8) Voice exercises
9) Breathing Exercises
10) Voice Projection
11) Practice session
12) Practice session

Fees - Rs.10000/-

Total sessions - 10 days

The benefit of this course:

  1. One on one sessions with a tutor so you can get personalized training
  2. You can learn from your home or from the office, you are just one click away from your sessions
  3. Easy teaching method and practice sessions
  4. Affordable

NOTE: You  will be getting an email from our end after 2 or 3 days after your registration


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