What is voice modulation?

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What is voice modulation

What is voice modulation and how to use it perfectly? I am sure you may be finding the answer to this question & that’s why you landed here. Voice modulation is the professional skills which make your voice sound better and more professional. It basically helps you to intonation in your voice. People will start listening to you as soon as you start using voice modulation while speaking but why does it happen? What difference voice modulation bring to your voice so that it catches the attention of the people and they start admiring your voice?

Today I will be sharing a few insides of voice modulation which I have learned from my experiences. You can learn by reading books but experience gives you real-time learning which you can’t forget. So let’s understand the basic definition which everyone gives about the voice modulation.

In basic terms, “voice modulation is adjusting your pitch and volume while speaking & give stress (intonation) to the particular word which should sound different.” I am not saying that this definition is wrong yes it’s right but I would like to add a few more elements in this so that it can give you a clear understanding of voice modulation.

So for me, voice modulation is the combination of the following things.

  1. Pitch – You should have a proper pitch while speaking
  2. Volume – Your volume should match with your pitch
  3. Pausa – You should take a nice pause so that you can create an eagerness
  4. Tempo – You should maintain a good speed of speaking
  5. Expression – Your voice expressions

These are my 5 important elements which complete the voice modulation & can bring more colors in your voice.

Now let’s understand each element one by one so that you can use them effectively.

  1. Pitch: Pitch, in speech, the relative highness or lowness of a tone as perceived by the ear, which depends on the number of vibrations per second produced by the vocal cords. Pitch is the main acoustic correlate of tone and intonation
  2. Volume: Volume is the loudness of the speaker. It is the psychological characteristic of physical strength (amplitude). It is perceived as an auditory sensation by the listener which can be ordered on a scale from quiet to loud. Loudness is then a subjective measure of the listener, which is often confused with objective measures of sound strength such as sound pressure level (in decibels), sound intensity, or sound power. Amplitude is the strength or power of the wave signal. Higher amplitudes on the wave graph are interpreted as a higher volume, hence the name “amplifier” for a device that increases an amplitude
  3. Pausa: Pauses is the place where we speaker stops speaking for a sec or two. It helps the speaker to gain the attention of the listeners
  4. Tempo: Tempo is the speed which defines how fast speakers is speaking, so you have to choose the proper tempo/speed according to your script
  5. Expression: Expressions is important for a speaker to convey his message to the listeners, so you have to choose a correct expression so that you can express yourself clearly

If you keep a proper balance of all the above-given elements, you will sound like a professional. Your voice will get a different texture and people will love to listen to you.

If you hear top speakers, you will see the proper balance of their pitch, volume, pauses, tempo, and expression so that they can engage their audience or listeners. If they want to intonation and stress on something so they can change their pitch, volume, and expression so that they can convey their message.

I hope this blog helped you to understand the voice modulation and What is intonation in speaking.

If you have questions feel free to comment below and if you liked the blog don’t forget to share it.


RJ Jitesh

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